Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weak Two @ Chez Poulet: Häxan

J U L Y 2 323 8 PM 23 C H E Z P O U L E T

A D M I S S I O N23 I S 23 F R E E !!!
3359 Cesar Chavez (aarmya) @ Mission Street

Häxan (dir. Benjamin Christiansen, 1922) will be presented in a new experimental format from KrOB: triple-concept stereo! The silent film, released by The Criterion Collection, is in it's two versions. i'll be sampling from both versions' soundtracks (one, with classical music played from it's Danish premiere in November, 1922 featuring Schubert, Wagner, and Beethoven -- the other, featuring an avant-jazz score with Jean-Luc Ponty and a narration by William S. Burroughs) as well as, what i like to call, "soundscraping" to present another new and more personal third version to the film. Anybody who has ever been at my apartment and wanted to watch anything from "Nude on the Moon' to "Creation of the Humanoids", has probably been witness to this process. Yes, a movie with the KrOB "moment"... who knows when the "moment" will is? Fernet Shots? Whip-Its? It's a live mix.

The future home of the ASK Dr. HAL show, Chez Poulet (3359 Cesar Chavez (army) @ Mission Street), is pleased to present an all-new season of KrOB's Film Farm for our city of art and innovation.

Admission is Always FREE!

Beer! Snacks! Sweets!

Opening EYENOISE segment, exclusive to Film Farm!
EYENOISE Du JOUR (coming soon)

Film Farm started it's new run at Chez Poulet last night with El Topo. It started kind of shaky when i couldn't get the subtitles to work on the dvd. The Film played for about 20 minutes and only 10 lines of dialogue were left uderstood by anyone who didn't understand spanish....lucky for one guy who came, his girlfriend was there to act as personal interpreter. The DVD bug was worked out by the time the spoken word became a necessary part of the film. The movie's strength is in definitely in it's images. Werner Herzog once said that we are hungry for images, and if we don't have them we will die. El Topo is a legendary film... John Lennon loved the film and showed it with his picture every week for a year at midnight. It became the first midnight movie in history.

We'll get on it with more snacks, although, you're welcome to bring your own.

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