Saturday, July 7, 2007

Weak One @ Chez Poulet - EL TOPO

Well, it didn't take long. Not even a month could go by without restraining the awesome demand for a KrOB movie night. Yes, San Francisco, I heard you. Movies are art. Now more than ever. How could I possibly take the profits from the 12 Galaxies marathon run of Film Farm to use for my own private and selfish ends? ...especially now, when our city's very future is at stake?

"The apocalypse is now! Americans know this, that the only hope is the flying saucers. Do you know how i see the world? like a person who is dying. It's a worm who is dying to make a butterfly. We must not stop the worm from dying, we must help the worm to die to the butterfly to be born. We need to dance with death. his world is dying, but very well. We will make a big, big enormous butterfly. You and I will be the first movements in the wings of the butterfly because we are talking like this." - Alejandro Jodorowsky

The future home of the ASK Dr. HAL show, Chez Poulet (3359 Cesar Chavez (army) @ Mission Street), is pleased to present an all-new season of KrOB's Film Farm for our city of art and innovation.

Admission is Always FREE!

Beer! Snacks! Sweets!

Opening EYENOISE segment, exclusive to Film Farm!
EYENOISE Du JOUR (coming soon)

Thanks to Chicken John, we have our Film Farm back! What once was an Odeon tradition, in it's last years, returns again after a recent run at the 12 Galaxies. The intimate and casually elegant setting of Chez Poulet will be ultimately fine for Film Farm, bringing you all the amenities without the bar-time retrograde. The screen is bigger, the sound is better and they'll be live accompaniment for silent films -- look for Du JOUR postings on details. Drinks and snacks will be available, and, of course, the popcorn is always free.

The surrealist filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky created his own midnight cult version of the Spaghetti Western that, once seen, is not easily forgotten. Some of his macabre and mystical images linger, both fascinating and strange.

An armless man carries a human torso on his back. Together they make a bodyguard to a glazed hermetic gunslinger who cannot be killed by bullets to the chest.

A gunslinger fires shots into the sand, which sprout an oasis. After bathing with his woman, he awakens buried under the dirt.

The fallen wanderer, shot dead with bullets, is dragged away by a parade of freaks, little people, cripples, and lepers who live underground in the vast desert.

I was a seed
Watching itself grow on a tree
I was the tree,
But feeling
Apart from it.

Earth and water
Came together
With my energy
And the fruits and branches
Were larger far beyond
What I had ever thought.

I sat there
Watching myself grow.

I wanted to leap up out of
The depths of the earth
And drop into the heart of the fruit
Be the future seed, one of them,
Not be the origin.

The Desert is a Circle ((( mp3 )))

Man of 7 Years ((( mp3 )))

Flute in a Quarry ((( mp3 )))

Together ((( mp3 )))

El Topo's Dream ((( mp3 )))

Slowest and Saddest Waltz ((( mp3 )))

Freakout #1 ((( mp3 )))


JULY 16th 8pm Chez Poulet
3359 Cesar Chavez (aarmya) @ Mission Street

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