Monday, July 23, 2007

Weak Three @ Chez Poulet: Straight to Hell

J U L Y 3 023 8 PM 23 C H E Z P O U L E T
A D M I S S I O N23 I S 23 F R E E !!!
3359 Cesar Chavez (aarmya) @ Mission Street

Maybe not as quotable, but way more twisted than Repo Man. I like it better. Everyone's strung out on money, guns and coffee in the mexican desert ...and check out who: Dennis Hopper and Grace Jones, Jim Jarmusch, Elvis Costello, Courtney Love, The Pogues, Dick Rude, Sy Richardson (badder than shit), Zander Schloss, Fox Harris, Cait o' Riordan, and, of course, Joe Strummer, who i'll be focusing the EYENOISE on in the show's opening hole....

Tonight's EYENOISE du JOUR features clips from Joe Strummer's silent film "HELL W10", a couple of Clash songs performed on british television, "TABLETOPS" (a music video adapted from "Coffee and Cigarettes" with music by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros), Clash on Broadway, some Folgers commercials and more!

Film Farm is pickin up speed...

FREE COFFEE! (from ritual roasters)

Luxury Seating and Quadro-Sonic Sound System!

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