Monday, January 28, 2008

Film Farm presents "DRIVE-OUT THEATER" (4/6)

1.28.08 - "SPY'S BIRTHDAY"

DRIVE-OUT THEATER (4/6) presents

SPACE IS THE PLACE (John Coney, 1974).

space is the place

A Message from Film Farm "Chief of Stuff", Spy

January 28th:
a space-y bus trip featuring SPACE IS THE PLACE with sun ra and his intergalactic arkestra

krobs eyenoise! chicken's driving! my drinks and hyjinx!

2 weeks ago, i had a wrestling fight with a flaming lotus girl. we tore each others panties off... literally.

yup, its that kind of bus trip.

there's limited space, about 40 people, so RSVP if you wanna go. this will be our 4th film farm on the bus, it has been a HUGE success!! this one is special because it's MY BIRTHDAY. get ready to make all sorts of sins... ON WHEELS!! god damn i'm excited. bring whippitts and crackers!

film farm costs $10, a STEAL for alllll the popcorn, bus ride, movies and entertainment you get!!

in addition i sell mixed drinks and snacks... CHEAP @ $2-4.

we meet at ritual coffee on valencia st 6pm we and get home around 12am.


sidenote from WFMU.

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