Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Film Farm presents "DRIVE-OUT THEATER" (3/6)


DRIVE-OUT THEATER (3/6) presents

BRUTALLO'S FAIRY TALE FAVORITES (switched-on grimm version, 2007) and
SPACEDISCO-ONE (Damon Packard, 2007).

FROM THE ASK Dr. HAL WEBSITE: But– what’s going on on Monday nights these days? Pilgrim, I’ll tell you. It’s an amazing event, KrOB’s Film Farm. It’s KrOB showing his movies and edits. It’s free popcorn. It’s KrOB’s patented eyenoise™ and all that goes with it. You get on the bus, you pay $10.00 but that’s to defray the cost of fuel, mainly. Because the bus will be in motion. Each time that old bus will trundle off to a delightful pre-picked secret destination, and en route, while the bus rumbles along with Chicken at the wheel, two projectors will simultaneously present KrOB’s show. Leave the driving to Chicken, the show to KrOB.

Thanks for the plug, Hal.

Say, did you know that northern california is like dennis miller and laughter when it comes to roller skating? ....especially on monday nights? not ONE roller rink has an "open skate" as far as i can throw myself. but, you know, everyone has a price....

On January 21st, for SUPERHERO SKATING, KrOB'S Film Farm invites all heroes and villians to skate it out on the boogie rink of destiny (Paradise Skate in Antioch)! what you do, is come in costume, preferably as a superhero or supervillian of your own design--

meet at Ritual Roasters in SF @ 6pm with $10. for the drive-out theater and another $10. for the rink

-- and get on Chicken John's Applause Bus for a night of features from the great BRUTALLO!

No, it's not like Gay Underwear Skating.... nuh-uh.. not at all.

So, anyway....

Our movies include the Fairy Tale Favorites (switched-on grimm edition), trailers for K. Gordon Murray Films and upcoming Film Farm Features,

brutallo's fairy tale favorites

Guided by Christine Metropoulos and Mr. Sloumberfugex of, we go over the river and down through the dense woods of the fabled imagination of stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen. Our fantastic escapade is sonically paced by equally animated electronic musicians: Mad Hatter Hans Grusel falls down the rabbit’s hole with Alice in Wonderland, while the terrific (and sometimes terrifying) twosome Tarantism wreak havoc with Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes. With his eerie soundscapes, audio- and video-editing wizard Loachfillet wolfs down Little Red Riding Hood; KrOB lurks through the forest with Hansel and Gretel ;
Bran(…)Pos rhapsodizes to Rapunzel; and deft soundscapist HeadBoggle crowns King Midas.

On our return trip we'll show Damon Packard Stuff (incl. "Space Rockers"), lots and lots of KrOB EYENOISE, and our main feature, the incomparable "SpaceDisco-One" from Damon Packard.

Here's the Film Farm write-up for the encore SF presentation of SpaceDisco-One.

We got 2 hours of skating time in a rink all to ourselves! We'll have reality manipulation by our very own voiceless ambassadors on wheels, Telepathik Friend and i might even get to play the music if the fledgling owner guy by the dashboard light will let a sith lord in his dj booth... i got a few mind tricks up my skull... we'll see....


The lovely Spy will act as your groove-a-delic Stewardess, serving the drinks and making you comfortable. She'll have a new drink made special just for the trip and there'll be a multitude of munchies to rot your teeth and suspend your disbelief as we roll aboard the geek-freaking Odeon Applause Bus! Make yourself comfortable snuggled among delightful company. It’s timed so that there’s a double feature; the first picture plays on the way out, the main feature on the way back. HIghly Recommended!

Meet in front of Ritual Roasters Cafe, 1026 Valencia St. at 6:00 PM for boarding. We recommend that you bring a blanket or sleeping bag / pajamas or SUPERSUIT!

Tally ho!

See you there…

reservations (no more than 40):

oh yeah....!

ps: get a free box of candy if you answer this week's trivia question correctly.

In what book does this quote appear?:
"We shall meet in the place were there is no darkness."

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