Monday, October 1, 2007

Weak Eight @ Chez Poulet: Parents


(dir. bob balaban, 1989)23 8pm - The Show Is FREE!

Wednesday Night in San Francisco

Featuring super-secret SPY specials and fucktons of all-american opening EYENOISE from yours truly, KrOB.

Free, yes, FREE popcorn can be yours simply by reaching for it!

Mouth-watering drinks and bone-decaying snacks will also be available. order a "long island ice tea" from us while simultaneously feigning ignorance, and get the second one FREE!

Chez Poulet Gallery 3359 Army St @ Mission

-- Just Added --

We go from Great Guidance (ROBOT MONSTER - 10/26) to Parental Guidance (PARENTS - 10/10) with 2 Meat Scientists and lucid refugees from another local Movie Night. A certain Geekboy, and the classic proud poppa, Dr. Pete Goldie will be in the house preparing STRANGE MEATS (terrestrial oddities you can eat!) for our Feature Presentation. Will we be munchin' on forbidden bi-peds? Who knows?... but fellow carnivores won't be dissapointed as the gourmet mysteries become solved!

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