Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weak Ten @ Chez Poulet: Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein

The last Ask Dr. Hal! show will be trailed by an engagement of KrOB's Film Farm, as is traditional.

Tuesday, October 30th, the very Eve of Hallowe'en, we'll show the immortal Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948).

Chez Poulet -- 3359 ARMY (Cesar Chavez) St. @ Mission SF

Abbott and Costello were America's preeminent film comedians, translating their popular stage act to several motion pictures and becoming part of the 20th century's pop-culture landscape. And, as it happened, in the late '40s Universal Studios realized they had two very marketable items under their contractual roof, as the duo were building a popular film career not too far away from a legion of legendary movie monsters who had been turning out more and more implausible sequels year after year. 1944's House of Frankenstein, for example, is a (very entertaining) monster rally which is practicallyA & C Meet Frank minus the comedic twosome. And so, in the final, magnificent example of Universal's monster world, in which Lugosi gives his all, throwing himself into the Dracula role for the last time, and John P. Fulton's great special effects still entertain, Bud and Lou make cinematic history-- and the best of any of their own comedies. 'The Boys' don't actually meet Dr. Frankenstein, of course, but they do tangle not only with Frankenstein's Monster (Glenn Strange), on whose unearthly, cadaverous physiognomy the old Don Post Monster Mask was based, not Karloff -- but also Dracula (Bela Lugosi) and The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.). The plot is rather interesting-- this far along in the Universal monster movie cycle we now observe a sinister and clearly defined Conspiracy of the Monsters. The story centers around the undead Count Dracula, who has acquired Frankenstein's creature, but wants to improve it -- with a more suggestible, more docile brain-- Lou Costello's, in fact. Surprisingly funny, genuinely atmospheric, and inventive, it's a movie worth cultivating-- a KrOB Klassic.

KrOB will also show his marvelous Eye Noise edits, making this the second-to-last iteration of the Film Farm. a don't-miss for this Hallowe'en Season.

With copyright-free popcorn, drinks of all colors, halloween candy, and, of course, spook-tacular SPY antics and appetizers...

KrOB's Film Farm-- Tuesday, OCT. 30th @ 8PM-- FREE

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